Welcome to a liberating path of personal growth and healing!

Life Coaching can support you in growing intentionally in the direction of your dreams, establish work/life/relationship balance, and stepping more fully into your life purpose.

The goal of Integrative Life Coaching, while unique to each individual; may include helping you discover the potential hidden in your current challenges, supporting integration of past and present ways of being, expressing your authentic self, and helping you become more embodied and whole. Integrative Life Coaching involves providing emotional support, assisting you in making and shifting meaning, educating you with tools and techniques you can use to shift your state of being, and helping you to let go of the limiting effects of past events and beliefs and to step fully into your potential.

Under no circumstances will I provide legal or medical advice. Additionally, although I am a trained Psychotherapist, licensed with the State of Colorado, I am acting in this relationship with you in the role of a Life Coach. Although I may draw on my background as a psychotherapist, by signing below, you acknowledge that our work together is Life Coaching and not Psychotherapy.


To heal and uplift individuals and their communities through culturally relevant, integrative mind, heart, body, spirit coaching.

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