APIDA Coaching Group

Kenting, Taiwan

APIDA Coaching Group

Linda is offering an online coaching group for Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi Americans (APIDA) interested in examining and deconstructing internalized racism, anti-blackness, and various aspects of our intersectional identities.  Group members will be supported in embodying their whole selves as we engage in challenging racism, anti-blackness, and our own voices and identities in the race dialogue, finding our voices and living our fullest selves.

This group is open to Asians, Pacific Islander and Desi individuals wherever you are in the world.

Check back for more details. I look forward to getting to know you!

If you are APIDA identified and interested in the APIDA coaching group, please email Linda at Linda.Hsieh.MA@ Gmail.com or call (720) 429-3047.

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