Individual Counseling

Lotus Tribal

Developing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship is essential for successful therapy.  Linda Hsieh, MA, LPC at Open Forest Counseling, LLC. understands this and strives to create the optimal environment for your personal healing.

Individual counseling sessions typically last a 55-minute hour and aims to address any number of issues currently affecting one’s life.  People often seek help for relationship counseling, stress relief, life transitions, depression, anxiety, healing from trauma, abuse and oppression, sexual assault, spiritual growth, existential dilemmas and more.  It can be profoundly helpful to simply have someone to talk to.
Trauma therapy is done in an individual counseling setting using Brainspotting or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  Feel free to ask Linda more about these techniques and how they may be helpful for you.

For more information on individual counseling services, please call (720) 429-3047.

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