Healing Childhood Wounds

Do You Struggle to Enjoy Life Despite Achievement and Success?

Many people grow to have success in professional life, yet struggle with a quiet nagging feeling of inadequacy.  They may feel like they are not good enough or maybe even struggle with feeling like a burden.  While these are often not rational feelings, they feel true.

If you happen to share these insecurities with others, they may respond with surprise and a long list of evidence to the contrary.  These well-meaning friends are sharing what they know of you, not recognizing that underneath your apparent success, you feel disconnected and are privately suffering.  This pain can be confusing, but therapy can help.

For many people, the damaging messages comes from childhood.  It may not come explicitly from care givers, but individuals no less internalized it as true.  For example, a child with busy parents, overly focused on their own work or struggling with their own issues may internalize a sense of not being important.  Although unintentional on the parent’s part, the child can still internalize this belief and then move in the world as though it is true.  Over time, you forget what originally instilled the painful notion, but internalize it into your way of being in the world.  Regardless of whatever the source may have been, it results in a persistent irrational voice inside that keeps you from fully experiencing the joys available in life today.

Sun warming a snowy mountain

This isn’t how it has to be.  You can live fully, heal from old wounds and experience your life in all the richness it has to offer you today in a long lasting way.  Linda Hsieh offers an integrative approach that uses the body to access and insight into deeply held unconscious beliefs in the psyche.  This gentle approach comes out of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and uses mindfulness to touch into what is truly going on for you, heal from it and create new patterns of growth and change.  You might even surprise yourself in discovering inspiration within.

If you find yourself struggling with persistent, irrational self-criticism; I invite you to call (720) 429-3047 and set up an initial appointment.  Don’t wait any longer to fully live the life available to you now.  You can change these patterns.  Let us help you.  You don’t need to do it alone.