Personal Investment


However you decide to engage working with Linda for your healing and thriving needs and goals, the real investment is an internal commitment to yourself and your life.  A willingness to go deep, heal and transform to support a fuller and more satisfying lived experience is the true investment. Make sure you are ready to invite positive transformation into your life.

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

How do I know this is the right time for me?

How do I experience this knowing in my body?


The cost for counseling sessions with Linda is $250. Sessions run 55-minutes, and limited reduced fee spaces are available with priority given to QTBIPOC. Please inquire for current availability.

Coaching/Aspirational Soulwork

Packages of 12 individual 1:1 coaching sessions are available for $2,777 and need to be used within an 8-month period. Sessions can be recorded at client’s request.

How to get started

Call (720) 429-3047 or email Linda.Hsieh.MA @ (no spaces) to inquire. Or sign up for a one-time free 15 minute 1:1 mini-coaching session here to see if Linda’s a good fit for you.