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Community Testimonials

“I have known Linda on a personal and professional level since 2002 and have had the opportunity to witness, firsthand, her dedication to supporting others in achieving psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. She is empathetic, understanding, and adept at calling attention to and breaking down the multitude of oppressions that challenge our mental health. Linda brings a vast experience and training that well suits her to work with people of diverse identities and backgrounds, who are seeking compassionate insight and guidance. ”

–Lisa Knoblauch, Herbalist at Desert Roots Botanicals

“I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Hsieh on several occasions since 2004. Her thirst for knowledge and her commitment to the integrity of the human experience is apparent in everything that she chooses to take part in.  Linda has an astonishing ability to learn from her parents’ immigrant experience and has offered the best of her learning to communities that she values immensely. Her commitment to creating meaningful relationships and further connect with people is awe inspiring. Over the years that I have known Linda and been witness to her work and growth, my admiration for her character has grown tremendously.  She has an extraordinary ability to listen for subtext and meaning.  She has a genuine curiosity for the unknown and yet is humbly aware of her gifts and uses them wisely and frequently for the betterment of all.”

–Jordan T. Garcia, Immigrant Program Director at AFSC